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Volunteering at DCDC!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all you do to support the growth and development of children at our center! It means a lot to our children and teachers that we have so many parents who are willing to give us their personal time to volunteer.

If you haven’t volunteered yet at DCDC, please speak with your child’s teacher about upcoming opportunities. We currently have some parents working with the Policy Council and regularly have a need for volunteers in the classroom, on field trips, and at Parent Meetings. Any time that you help out, your child’s teacher will have a form for you to sign to document the hours.

Every month, parents come into the center to provide support and enrichment to the class activities. Last month, Hyma Gajula came in one day to share paneer, which is Indian cuisine, with the Preschool class. Hyma also brought in Indian dress clothes for the children to look at. Yaqin Wu volunteered in the Preschool class as well by sharing about her family’s trip to China! Ashley Reed taught four of our classes about dental hygiene. Jie Liu also taught the Preschool class about New Year traditions in China during the month of February.

At any time, you are welcome to stop by and have a meal with your child, tuck him/her in at nap time, or participate in any activity that you desire. We encourage the understanding of cultural awareness and new experiences, and you are always welcome to collaborate with your child’s teacher on how you might like to share your culture with the other families at the center.

We could not say “thank you” enough for all that our parents do to improve the learning experiences at DCDC!

Tina McClintic


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