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Ms Angela & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

Greetings from the infant room!

We have been having so much fun with new friends and projects this past month. We enjoyed fun activities for the “Week of the Young Child” and hope all of the rest of our friends and families enjoyed them as well.

The weather has flip-flopped quite a bit this past month and has hindered us from going outside very much, but with May bringing nicer weather (we hope), we will be spending more of our time outdoors. We will be using our own personal playground, but we hope to spend a bit of time on the toddler playground so the babies can experience nature. Please be sure to bring a jacket and appropriate shoes for your child just in case it is cold when we go on walks.

We have some great mother’s day activities that are coming up soon that we hope all of the parents can participate in. We also will be exploring more with paint and reading some new books.

Join us this month for more exciting adventures in the baby room!

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