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Letter from the Director!

Fostering the Social and Emotional Development of Our Children

As Early Childhood Educators, we know that it is just as important to foster our emotions as well as our intellect. As teachers, we can provide an environment that is comfortable for children to learn and grow—one that is nurturing. Our teachers’ management style is effective in building positive relationships. DCDC teachers know it is important to teach children how to respond to their own feelings as well as others’ feelings and how to embrace life challenges.

Social and emotional development is a crucial part of how children react to things that happen in their family and in their environments. How a child handles inner turmoil is a cornerstone to the development of self-regulation skills, resilience, and sense of self.

Educating children about feelings and social cues and giving them the tools and resources needed to self-regulate their emotions is the best way to prepare them for life and give them a better chance to succeed.

Our teachers here at Delaware Child Development Center know the importance of building relationships between children and their peers. We teach them to identify and manage their emotions by creating a space in which they feel safe and supported. Research has proven that this aspect of education is just as vital to the curriculum as the alphabet and numbers. Continuity of care for a child in the early years provides children with a sense of control and optimism towards what they are capable of achieving in life.

Tina McClintic


Thank you for participating in the Father's Day Family Cookout!!

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