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Ms Kelsey & Ms Tippy's Class - Toddler B

Dear Parents,

With the changes of seasons, we have been experiencing changes in our senses. Over the past weeks, we have gotten our hands messy with paint and sand experiences. Outdoors and indoors we learn how things drip down, absorb, and dry in the warm summer air.

We appreciate all of our parents bringing clothes for us to change into when we go outside for play. Each day we go outside to read or work on our gross motor development.

We encourage parents to get out and enjoy this summer sun. Sun is a great mood booster and the vitamins can enrich our growth. When we go outside, we put on sunscreen and drink lots of water.

We hope to see our parents come out and enjoy the playscape with us! Since it is summer, we are playing outdoors in the morning hours until fall.

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