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Ms McKenzie and Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler C

What we will be learning in August in TC

It's August and the school buses are out! This month we will be discussing transportation and safety. We will start the first two weeks learning important signals like “stop” and “go”.

If your child has been using the word stop a lot more at home, I apologize! However, I consider it to be a good thing because that means the kids are retaining their classroom information.

The last couple of weeks we will be learning all about cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, trains, etc.

Something new in TC

From now on we will not be allowing children to bring in toys from home. Amanda and I agree that it is beginning to be a classroom distraction. However, we both know that the kids love to bring in toys from home for their friends to see, so we want to start doing a “show and tell” type of day on Fridays. Your child is more than welcome to bring a small toy from home, and during our circle time in the morning, the children will be allowed to show their friends their special toys.

Reminder to parents

Parents, please be sure that your child’s art work is being taken home every week. There are a few cubbies that are pretty full, and I hate for their artwork to not make it home!

Thank you guys!

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