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Ms Michelle's Class - Infants

Hello families!

Wow, did August fly right on by, or was it just us that felt that way?! With the weather being so great and not terribly hot, we have had so much time to explore our beautiful outdoor spaces. Our sensory garden is in full bloom, so the infants have had plenty of time exploring the different textures and smells outside. When the rainy days hit, we watched the rain fall, and the teachers talked about what the weather was doing outside and what that “sometimes scary sound” of thunder is.

August is the month that our Preschool children say their goodbyes to the center. This opens up space in all the classrooms and allows for transitioning of our one-year-olds to the toddler classrooms. Four of our friends made a smooth yet bittersweet transition this month. It was so hard to say “goodbye,” but we are confident that each of them were ready developmentally. Our Resource and Referral department has put out a newsletter about transitions with information and tips to help your child make that transition when the time comes. Click Here to read more about transitions.

In September, we will be focusing on and adding to our lesson plan the colors that fall brings—red, brown, and orange. As the leaves start to fall we will be collecting them to make a rather large fall collage at the end of the month. Be on the lookout for it displayed in the classroom! Speaking of lesson plans, have you taken a look at what we have planned each week? Each day we have an array of engaging, growth-oriented, and purposeful activities planned. If you have any ideas that you would like to share or if your child likes doing a specific activity at home, please feel free to let me know, and we’ll see how we can incorporate it into our lesson plans.

You may have noticed a new face in our classroom. Our new Assistant, Mashaya (“Shaya”), is a great addition to our infant team! Mashaya has just completed her CDA! She has a passion for early childhood education and an ever-growing love for all things infants.

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