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Ms Ada's Class - Preschool

Building our writing skills has been so much fun! I am encouraging all families to invest in a space and materials to motivate your child to practice writing. When a child is first beginning to have an interest in writing, they will observe others writing and look at words in their environment. Then, if provided the materials, they will begin making marks of their own. At first, the markings will be random, but over time, your child will build their small muscles in their fingers, hands, and wrists will grow stronger, and the marks will be more intentional. Thank you for all the support and practice you have been doing with your children!

We are also examining the cycle of trees in our classroom. Trees not only have leaves that change colors, but they also are living and growing just like we are.

Families are submitting their own visions of their family tree for us to post in the classroom. Each family is unique and beautiful. We all are growing and blossoming. I would like to celebrate these moments with your children and let them be proud of the trees that they come from.

See you soon,

Ms Ada

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