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Letter from the Director!

Have you heard of a resource available to you called “Parents As Teachers?” Parents as Teachers is a program that works with caregivers and parents to build strong communities of thriving families. This evidence-based model teaches techniques on supporting developmental milestones, tackling difficult subjects like childhood obesity, and gives ideas on how to connect your child to literature. We utilize this tool during home visits, but also in the classroom. It is our commitment to continue to partner with your family and have an open table to set goals together.

We aspire that ALL families get involved in the program in some way. During the month of February, every Friday we will be sending home a resource from Parents As Teachers. The website is available at any time (, but in the meantime we want to showcase a few of our favorites.

Delaware Child Development Program provides quality services through partnerships with families, providers, and the community while nurturing the development of the whole child and supporting cultural and family values. Because of our mission, we will continue to share information and empower families to be involved with their child’s educational environment.

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