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Ms Krisinda & Ms Daphne's Class - Toddler B

Hello, TB Parents!

Toddler B will be exploring and learning about the five senses during March. Each week we will highlight and explore a different sense. Daphne and I will begin with the sense of touch. We want to have an understanding of the different textures we feel daily and how we can “hear” through touch. We will also use this opportunity to talk about using a kind touch when we interact with our classmates. By exploring the sense of hearing, we will learn how our ears work and that they are also important for helping us keep our balance. Our sense of taste is connected to our tongue and our nose. We will be tasting different food items to see if we can tell the difference between sweet and sour. Our sense of smell uses our nose differently than our sense of taste. We will be using our sense of smell to explore our world around us. Our eyes are like our camera lenses to our world. We do so many things with our eyes. They may be different colors, but we use them the same.

We are looking forward to a fun month of exploring our senses!

Ms. Krisinda and Ms. Daphne

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