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Letter from the Director!

Dear Families,

We are ready to host you at our upcoming conferences! The purpose of meeting together is to allow families time to dialogue with their child’s teacher about the needs of the child and family. Every trimester we will invite you in to share some reflections with us about your child and their accomplishments and build some family goals. Teachers spend many hours preparing for these times with you in hopes of learning new information about your family and how they can better serve in the classroom. Thank you for taking time to join us for these occasions; we could not make the strides we have made without your commitment.

As the year moves forward, we will continue counting on your family to join in the fun at our center. We have an open door policy which means at any time your family may visit our classroom. Participating in your child’s learning environment not only helps you understand the context from which our daily learning grows, but also introduces you to teachable moments with your child among their peers. Similar to how children understand themselves by learning about members in their families, children also develop friendships at our center. We want you to be a part of our laughs, adventures, and stories for the next several years.

Dominique Lewis

Site Director

DCDC Claremore

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