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Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Parents, I am so excited to tell you that during the month of April, we will be exploring and learning about Mathematics! We will be experimenting with patterns, how to build them, and what they are, all the way to graphing different pieces of data we will gather during large group time. Using the Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines, we will focus on mathematics standards one and five.

STANDARD ONE - Patterns – The child will sort and classify objects and analyze simple patterns. This means that the children will use toys and pre-arranged activities for learning this standard. We will be starting with simple 2 color patterns (black, red, black, red) and smallest to largest, and ending with patterns of 3, (red, white, black, red, white, black) and heaviest to lightest.

STANDARD FIVE - Data Analysis – The child will collect and analyze data in a group setting. During group time, we will talk about different pieces of information. After we have our discussion, we will conduct our experiment and collect different pieces of information from our findings, including anything from “will this sink or float” to “which is your favorite”. Be looking for new graphs posted in our classroom.

If you would like to join in on our fun, please let Ms. Bailee know a time or day that works for you.

Ms. Bailee

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