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Ms Jenny & Ms Nikki's Class - Toddler A

Happy May, Family and Friends!

The month of May is upon us and the season for outside water play is quickly approaching. This month we will continue learning about spatial awareness (whole body) and small motor skills (hand and finger muscles.) This is important to our class because we are learning to be aware of ourselves in relation to our toys and objects that surround us. We will experiment with moving our whole bodies by walking backwards, dancing, and through play with hula hoops and boxes. Using play dough that we make on our own, we will poke, squeeze, build, and play. This will strengthen our hand and finger muscles. All of this can be done both inside our classroom and out.

We ask that you please send extra summer clothes, a swim suit, and swim shoes. We hope to be outside as much as possible, and thank you for all that you do!

Ms. Jenny and Ms. Nikki

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