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Ms Jennifer's Classroom 1

Hello, Classroom 1 Families! The month of June came upon us so quickly! We have been getting to enjoy more outdoor play. The children really love being outdoors and being able to use their large muscles and work on that part of their development.

We have also been working on being kind to our friends and having helping hands. During this month of June we will be working on Physical Developments Standard 2: The child participates in activities involving small motor skills, and also Standard 3: The child participates in activities requiring coordination of eye and hand movements. Being able to have more extended outdoor play gives us more opportunities to do activities utilizing the sandbox etc.

We would also like to remind parents about bringing their child a swimsuit and/or extra clothes for the warmer weather outdoor water play if they have not already done so.

Ms. Jen’s class would also like to say, however sad we might be with her leaving, that we wish Ms. Bobee the best of luck with the new job opportunity she has accepted. Ms. Jen & Ms. Danny

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