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Letter from the Director!

Please plan on joining us during the week of September 16th for family conferences. During this time, families will set goals and plan for the upcoming adventures here in the child development center. We operate our program keeping families’ perspectives in mind; we have aspirations of authentic partnerships between you as families and us as educators.

While we work together to support your child’s growth and development, here are some links to resources that may provide your family with information on best practices in early childhood education.

Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (hosted by the Office of Head Start)

Lakeshore (vendor for toys, books and equipment for young children)

The Wooden Wagon (cute wooden toys)

Zero to Three (great resource for infant and toddler information) (great portal on father engagement, from a dad’s perspective)

National Indian Child Care Association (network of tribal program information, great site for learning about advocacy)

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