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Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Hello from T1!

Our class had so much fun last month playing games that helped our class try to remember to take turns like “Ring around the Rosie” and Ball tossing. We also really enjoyed the book called That Toad is Mine! by Barbara Shook Hazen where we talk about two little boys who love to take turns except when it comes to sharing a toad they found. It was so fun to watch the children’s reactions to the book when they realize that the toad hops away when the two boys are arguing.

For the Month of September, we are going to be learning about transportation. Public school has started back up, and along with that comes all the school buses that drive by our class. Our kids love when any kind of bus, tractor, or truck drives by, so I thought a lesson plan over this subject would be fun! We have some fun activities planned like car racing and painting with cars. We also have a ton of fun books that teach not only about different vehicles, but also colors and counting as well. Please talk with your toddler when you are out and about if you see any interesting vehicles. I can promise you that it will be a fun and exciting conversation to be in.

Ms. Amanda, Ms. Priscilla, and Ms. Shelby

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