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Family Child Care Home 3 - Owasso


This past month we have been working a lot with our older friends on letter recognition and learning to write and spell our name. They are catching on quickly! It is so fun being able to witness these children grow and learn new things daily; I love getting to be a part of that! Our babies are developing and learning new things daily as well, such as learning to walk and beginning to say words.

Also, we are SO EXCITED that cooler weather is just right around the corner! We are planning so many fun things - nature walks, scavenger hunts, and observing all the fall colors and sounds. We are looking forward to being able to bring our classroom outside. We will have a lot more opportunities to explore now that the weather is finally cooling down!

We would also love to encourage parents to join us sometimes and get to witness the new things your child is learning or to even read a book. Parents are always welcome to join us!

Ms. Tippy & Ms. Kaitlin

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