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Ms Jenny's Class - Toddler A

Happy New Year, TA families! It is hard to believe it is January 2020!

We have been working on kindness and developing our taste buds for the month of December. This month, we will take notice of the winter season and learn about what animals thrive and hibernate in the snow. We will also learn about the clothing we wear when it is cold and how to play in the snow.

This month I would like to also work on our physical development by using our small and large motor muscles in different sensory activities. For our small muscles (hands), we will paint with ice, salt, and make snow slime. For our large muscles (whole body movement), we will work on our spatial awareness by doing the Snowy Pokey, different winter animal movements (waddle like a penguin, etc.), snowflake balance line, and iceberg hop.

Thank you, families, for all that you do!

Ms. Jenny and Ms. Kim

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