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Ms Amanda & Ms Tina's Class - Toddler C

In the month of March, we will be focusing on helping and caring for others. We will focus on this topic by discussing pets. We will discuss how we care for pets in ways such as feeding, bathing, and watering them. These discussions will also expand your child’s vocabulary as we will be using new and descriptive words to label how we care for our pets. We will also discuss safety by informing the children that we should always ask to pet other people’s animals first. We will also discuss and demonstrate gentle touches with animals. I would love to receive pictures of your pets at home so that the children can better utilize what is being demonstrated in class at home.

As the month goes by, I would also like to ask that parents allow their child to assist with the caring of pets at home as they will be learning some of the general ideas in class. By allowing your child to complete some of these tasks at home on their own or with assistance, this will help to build a foundation and a grasp for self-help skills as well. Activities such as allowing your child to water pets by filling a pitcher or scooping pet’s food and pouring it into pet bowls are all skills that children are already learning to do within the classroom for themselves as well as for others.

It will be an exciting month full of learning experiences, and I can’t wait to receive pictures of your pets so your child can share with the class.

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Tina

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