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Ms KK's Class - Early Preschool 1

Warm winter greetings from EPS1!

If you are like us, you may be ready for warmer weather. Well, fear not, because Spring is on the way! That’s right! On March 19th, you can welcome Spring with open arms. The birds will be chirping and flowers blooming. We are already having discussions in our classroom about what to plant in our garden this year. The children have narrowed it down to three things, so you are in for some yummy vegetable treats this year!

Now speaking of Spring, don’t be surprised if Mother Nature has a few surprises up her sleeve. She’s been known to slip in a snowstorm here and there. She is very tricky, but hopefully she’ll be good to us and spread some good warm sunshine!

We hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day! I know we had a fun celebration here in our classroom! There was so much chatter going about with the children discussing their yummy healthy treats and discovering their fun Valentine cards designed just for them. What a delight it was to have parents join us for treats and the exchange of hearts with special messages! Thank you to all who were able to participate!

Please remember to stop by and say “Hello” if you’re in our building. We love visitors!

Ms. KK and EPS1

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