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Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom Three!

Last month we dived into our creative minds and used tools in ways that we hadn’t thought of before to get different outcomes. We made Ooblek often. Children were able to squeeze, manipulate, and color on the Ooblek. Multi textured balls were used for painting and rolling in play dough to see the different patterns that the balls could make. The children helped make different textures, colors, and scents of play dough.

This month we will going back over self and personal skills and social and emotional development. As teachers, we know that repetition is a big part of what we do. When we incorporate the skills that we want to instill in the children on a regular basis, the more likely these skills are to develop.

As a class we will be incorporating more ways for parallel play and peer conversations. We can’t just tell them how to do something and not give them the language to go with what they are doing. Giving them as many words and phrases as we can begins the development of turn taking, sharing, and entering into play, which in turn will help them recognize self and social cues in others. Safety is also important when teaching children how to interact with one another. Children are always watching and learning, so we must lead by example and show the children how to interact and to respect one another.

Just a friendly reminder, the weather wants to play tricks on us with cold weather one day and warm weather the next day. This is a great opportunity to talk to children about the weather and what clothes they can wear and the extra clothes that they can bring if they need to be bundled up just a little bit more in the mornings. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the entire day. We go outside at different times. It tends to be cooler in the evening as well.

We would like to welcome Ashley Smith in our class. Ashley Smith is stepping in as Interim Assistant Teacher. The children are engaging and embracing her coming into the classroom. If you have not had a chance yet to meet or talk to her, please do so. She has brought new ideas to our class and many laughs and smiles.

Thank you,

Ms. Mollie and Ms. Ashley S

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