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Holi Celebration

On March 6th, one of our families invited us to celebrate Holi with them. Holi is known in India as the Indian festival to celebrate the coming of spring and is a day that signifies the blossoming of love and a time for everyone to meet and play, laugh, forget and forgive, and to repair broken relationships. Another name for it is the ‘festival of colors’.

This family planned a morning full of wonderful activities. These activities included a celebration of art where the children created a colorful card using paints and a straw. Their creations turned out beautiful and signified a colorful celebration. A story was read to the children on the meaning of Holi. The children then went outside where we all played with powdered paint. I’m sure you all saw the joy and beauty of this activity when your children went home that day. We ended the celebration with a snack and the children were sent home with a gift from the Prusty family.

The children in our center, as well as the teachers, had a blast celebrating this festival with the family. To the Prusty family, thank you for inviting us and letting us celebrate this wonderful festival with you. The teachers loved it so much, they have put powdered paint on their supply lists to continue this celebration. Again, thank you for the great time and wonderful memories we shared this day!

Lisa Frye

Site Director

Ivy Academy Downtown

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