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Family Child Care Home 2 - Owasso

We had so many changes last month! Our Owasso/Sperry center has opened, and some of our children have moved over there. We also gained some new friends who were previously enrolled in our Family Child Care Home 3.

During this past month, we learned about our shapes, and we also had many shapes posted on our walls. We were able to create art out of shapes, and we also danced to songs where we needed to identify the types of shapes around us. With our new friends at our home, we are slowing down the times in which we transition to different areas and activities. We want all children to feel welcomed as we are all adjusting to change. Now that we have younger children in the classroom, our lesson plans for next month will include learning about our body parts. We’ll incorporate this in our large group by using examples, songs, and books.

Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Sehoy

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