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Ms Chyanne & Ms Kim's Class - Toddler A

Our class will be enjoying extra messy play this month. As we explore our materials, children will get to test out what happens when we mix, when we pour, and when we shake things up! Allowing children to explore materials in safe, yet exciting ways develops pre-math and pre-science skills – even for young children. Families can look forward to pictures documenting our exploration. Just as a reminder, if we get too messy, we will change our clothes. Any dirty clothes will be placed in the child’s cubby and ready to take home that day. At this moment, we are reducing our parent volunteers. You can, however, follow along in our messy fun via Kids Report.

While Jenny is away these next weeks, Ms Chyanne will be supporting the classroom. If you have questions or need anything, feel free to send an email

Ms. Chyanne and Ms. Kim

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