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Ms Courtney & Ms Erika's Class - Preschool

Hello, everyone!

My name is Courtney, and I have the privilege of being the Master Teacher for the Preschool room here at the Ivy Academy Owasso/Sperry location. We have been off to an exciting and lively start after our very recent opening. Although I have worked professionally with families and their children for about five years, working for Delaware Child Development has been a new and enjoyable adventure for me.

In the Preschool classroom, we have taken these first few weeks to establish routines and a flow in our classroom. Because children learn best from repetition and consistency, we have capitalized on our intentional class schedule to help the children know what to expect in the day to day, while also giving them an added sense of security in their new environment. In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to keep our schedule simple so the children can adjust to the center and their classmates. We will also keep it fun by implementing interactive storytelling, continuing our color experiments in the mystery bubbles as well as engage in messy play!

I look forward to working with your children daily.


Ms. Courtney & Ms. Erika

Did you know: Preschoolers take significantly longer to process words than adults. Therefore, by pausing four whole seconds after asking a question, prompting a child, or asking the child to do something, they have time to comprehend what you’re saying and formulate their response. This pause allows them to become more independent thinkers and helps them feel respected.

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