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Ms Shelby's Class - Toddler 3

Last month we spent a lot of time exploring Dr. Seuss’ work and turned some of his classic literary work into art pieces. The children’s favorite activity was the car we made with their feet to represent “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” The children loved having their feet painted and would giggle and say, “That tickles!” We ended up doing another foot painting because they enjoyed it so much.

When we moved onto books about the seasons and Spring, the children loved sitting down for circle time to read books. The books were filled with various bright colored illustrations and activities that the children could relate to like jumping in puddles, splashing in the pool, and running through grass barefoot. The read-alouds were extremely interactive for the children during this time because they could relate to the illustrations so easily.

Coming up we will be exploring various activities for Easter. We plan to have an Easter themed sensory table for the children including various colors, textures, and sizes of objects for them to explore. There will also be Easter themed art activities, read-alouds, and small group interactions. When we finish our Easter theme, we will then move on to exploring zoo animals and their characteristics, such as the noises they make, what color they are, and how we think they might feel if we touched them (soft, furry, feathery, scratchy, scaly, etc.).

Shelby Boggs

Master Teacher T3

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