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Ms Courtney & Ms Erika's Class - Preschool

Hi again from the Preschool Room!

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on our science skills as well as on our emotional development and self-regulation. The teachers are using the modality of sensory to enhance the children’s science skills. Specifically, our mystery bubble experiments have shown the children what happens when two different colors are mixed together.

To develop their awareness of emotions and the emotions of others, we have been practicing with our emotion cards. The children identify what emotion the face on the card is portraying and mimic the emotion. The teachers and children then talk about what to do when we, or our friends, are feeling that emotion.

We are still working on establishing routines and norms for the day. In the upcoming weeks, the class will learn more about the life cycle of a caterpillar. Pictures will be coming soon! We will talk about how to care for them responsibly and safely up until their release date.

Most of the children have a solid grasp on their ABC’s, but we want to take their learning to the next level with the sounds of letters and how to draw the letters. Parents can reinforce their learning at home by having them point out letters they see.

Did you know: Preschoolers are avid learners and learn best when the adults in their world encourage their learning and show excitement about their discoveries, no matter how small. Keep the excitement high!


Ms. Courtney and Ms. Erika

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