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Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom Three!

I just want to say I hope all my families are staying safe at home as well as having fun. I know it has been hard to come up with ideas to keep your curious little minds engaged, but just remember to keep it simple and that a little mess is okay. Anytime can be a teaching moment so keep that in mind next time one arises.

I hope sometime this next month that things will go back to somewhat of a normalcy. These growing brains need that structure and routine. I know I thrive better when I have my routine, as I am sure some of our families do as well.

Ashley and I hope to see you soon. I’m sure you have learned many new skills or strengthened the ones you had. Plus, I’m sure you have gotten taller and bigger. We can’t wait to see you. Feel free to email us some pictures of all the wonderful activities you and your family are doing together during this time.

Thank you,

Ms. Mollie and Ms. Ashley

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