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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

The month of April has been crazy with everything going on around us. I know that this shall pass, and we will get through this tough time and get back to normal. I will be excited when everyone comes back when this is all over.

For the month of May, I'm going to still focus on our social emotional skills with the children. The ELG standard that I will be working on with the younger infants is Standard 2: Begin to develop the skills necessary to participate in a variety of settings. One way I will help the young infants in this skill is by helping them learn to self- sooth. We will also call the children by their name so that they will be able to recognize it.

When it comes to the older infants and one-year old's, we are going to work on communication skills. The standard I will be working on with them is: Begin to follow simple directions and demonstrate understanding of home and/ or English language. One way we will be working on this skill with the children is by helping the children communicate their needs with words or by pointing. I also will get the children acquainted with the toddler schedule.

This will be a fun month of learning new skills with all the children!


Ms. Ashley

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