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Ms Shelby's Class - Toddler 3

This past month we have enjoyed welcoming Spring! The weather has been nice enough for us to start going outside to play again in the mornings. We have been taking daily trips to the flower gardens on our playground to admire our tulips. We have discussions about how pretty they are, and some of the children have been pointing out the colors they see. In other flower news, we are continuing to watch our Mother’s Day flowers grow in the classroom. We’ve planted flowers in individual pots for every child so that they can eventually take them home. Eventually, we will look over the progress pictures of our plants and have discussions about plants and how they grow.

The children loved the Easter activities we planned for them last month. Their favorite activity was the Easter Egg Hunt. They giggled with excitement as they ran around the room looking for eggs. Other activities included sensory play with plastic eggs and various art activities, including the use of stickers and markers.

In the next month we will continue to watch our Mother’s Day flowers grow. We will even be spending a couple of weeks looking over the pictures we took of our flowers as they were growing, and talking about what we saw (seed, sprouts, blooms, colors, etc.). This will lead into our lessons on plants.

Other things we will be learning and exploring this month include our alphabet, colors, and shapes. We will have a daily read-aloud that will help the children learn, recognize, and identify their letters, shapes, and colors. To aid their learning, there will be examples for each of these places around the room in every center to ensure the children are learning through any activity they participate in throughout the day.

We hope all of our friends and their families are staying happy, healthy, and safe during this time, and we can’t wait to see you back here at school!

Ms. Shelby

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