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Ms Gabi & Ms Rebecca's Class - Infants 1

Hello, Ivy Academy Families!

July is an exciting month for the Infants at Ivy Academy! In the month of June, we did a lot of sensory exploration with our 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight). From an awesome Jell-O dig to using paint with essential oils, these types of activities incorporate all 5 senses as children are tangible creatures. They like to touch it, taste it, and feel it, and in doing so, their brains are firing on all cylinders as they are learning the world around them. It was a great month of experiences for the children!

As we move forward, our lesson plans will center around exploring brain development as it relates to memory and behavior through active play. The age appropriate focus of brain development involves 3 components:

1. Brainstem (Birth)

2. Limbic Brain (8months-2yrs)

3. Cortical Brain

*Fun Fact* Children’s brains develop from the bottom to the top. See below a few links that further explain the functions of each piece of the brain mentioned above.

In addition, two big keys will be reinforced with the children: good nutrition and loving with consistent care. Research has shown that 60% of energy intake from food is used for brain growth, and quality nutrition is a key aspect of Ivy Academy’s overall philosophy. We work with parents to support the Infants forming good eating habits as they begin their journey into eating solid foods.

As a class, we will also continue to work on social/emotional growth and development. One foundational skill we will continue to work on is self-regulation, because without the ability to self-regulate, children can struggle to handle big emotional moments. One of the most difficult moments that allows us to support and work on this skill is during parent drop off in the morning. The emotion caused by separation anxiety from parents provides children the opportunity to work through the feeling. The unknown can be scary. With the care, guidance, and communication from the teachers, it allows the children to regulate quicker than without that support. Although this can be challenging, the teachers understand the importance of supporting your children in this time of need with teacherly love.

Have a great and safe holiday!

Ms. Gabi & Ms. Rebecca

Family Reminders:

We will be closed Friday, July 3rd to observe the 4th of July

*Make sure you talk to your children about firework safety.*

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