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Ms Tuyet's Class - Preschool 2

Hello, Preschool 2 Families!

The month of June has been very exciting. We have enjoyed having the opportunity to learn about plants and how they grow. The children were able to participate in a few experiments last month; one of them was seeing what would happen when we put a lima bean in a wet cotton ball and left it in a Ziplock bag. We were able to see the bean germinate and watched as the roots of the bean slowly grew. The children came in every day to look at their Ziplock bag to see if the bean had grown any bigger. Once all of our beans had roots growing, we were able to plant the beans in our garden outside. The children were excited to see that our bean plants have grown stems and keep growing bigger each day.

Lately, the children have shown an interest in music. The children love to dance and sing songs, so for the month of July, we will be investigating Music Making. We will get to see a variety of instruments that we can play, and the children will be able to experience a variety of musical styles. The children will have the opportunity to make a few homemade instruments throughout the month of July. One particular instrument we will experiment with is the maraca; we will be using spoons, a plastic egg, tape, and rice.

I would like to encourage our families to continue our musical investigation at home and have the children listen to cultural music. I would also like to invite our families to bring in any instruments that they would be willing to share with the children.

Ms. Tuyet

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