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Ms Tuyet's Class - Preschool 2

Hello, Preschool 2 Families!

Last month, we learned all about music. The children enjoyed exploring new instruments and learning about how we can use them. Music has many benefits in a child’s development, like strengthening our motor skills by using our bodies to dance along to the music. The children loved having the opportunity of making their own Maracas by using spoons, an Easter egg, beans, and tape.

For the month of August, we will be doing a study about Building. The children will use their imagination to become construction workers and architects. We will use various blocks and wood to build various structures and buildings. The children will also have the opportunity to pretend to hammer a nail - in this activity we will use wooden blocks as our hammer, and golf tees as our nails. The children will be given their own Styrofoam block, and we will use our wooden block to “hammer” our golf tees into the Styrofoam.

As the summer is about to come to an end, the month of August will bring us a lot of changes, especially for the friends who will be going to Pre-K and Kindergarten. Now is the time to start talking about this transition to a new school. We will be discussing what it is like for our friends who are leaving and for the ones who are staying. It is an exciting time for both groups. We are going to miss the friends who will be going to public school. The two links that are provided give some helpful tips on how to help transition your child to kindergarten:

Ms. Tuyet

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