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Less Is More

Bells and whistles and lights, oh my! The more the toy is doing, the less the child is learning. Children explore the world through play, figuring out how things work and how people think, feel, and act in different situations. Play also provides lots of practice in using language, telling stories, and solving problems. Toys that spark your little one’s imagination don’t need to cost a lot. In fact, you may already have some of the tried-and-true classics on hand. For instance, try these 3 ways to use a cardboard box:

  1. Make a cozy corner for reading,

  2. Make a tunnel with several boxes,

  3. Make a pretend oven. Imagination is the best way to spark play!

For more creative ideas to share with young children, check out the Health Children website and click below to find more activities.

Source: Zero To Zero


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