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Letter from the Director!

Parents, ​

Did you know that a classic early childhood novelty could support development in many ways?​

What is that novelty, you ask?​


Playdough has been around for decades. Whether it is store bought or homemade, playdough can be used in various ways to benefit growth.

  • Fine Motor skills can be developed while children are busy rolling, squishing, shaping, and poking dough. Building strength in their fingers and hands will later help children in their ability to hold scissors and pencils. ​

  • Creativity and Imagination are extended while your child makes a pretend snake, pizza, or ball. This helps develop cognitive flexibility.

  • Social Skills are improved while working with playdough. Children are able to share ideas as well as tools with others, and get to spend time discussing, collaborating, and engaging with peers. ​

  • Playdough is also calming for children. Squeezing playdough is great for helping kids calm down. It can ease tension, release excess energy, and improve focus. ​

​Be on the lookout for our agency-wide Dough Day celebration this month! ​

Sincerely ​

Jennifer Perdue​

Ivy Academy Downtown & West Director


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