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Ms Amanda's Class—Toddler 1

Hello from T1!

We had so much fun learning about Ocean animals! We did a lot of painting with different colors to signify the different colors of the coral reefs and the fish that live there. We also talked about sharks and how they have lots of teeth! We did a lot of singing “Baby Shark”, too; it’s no surprise that it is one of our class’ favorite songs! We also loved reading our Pop-Up Peek-a-Boo Under the Sea; we love pop-up books! Our class also had the sensory table filled with water, and we put different ocean animals for the children to explore. It was a huge hit!

This upcoming month of May we are going to be exploring bugs! Our class is obsessed with bugs, and they love to look around the playground for different types of bugs. We will be playing with different bug toys that we have in the classroom, and we are going to read several different bug books. I think it would also be fun to do some observational paintings of different insects. We will also be going outside and looking for all different types of bugs and talking about what we see. I think our class is going to love talking about bugs, and I’m excited to explore the world with them!

Have a wonderful month!

Ms. Amanda and Mrs. Gabby


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