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Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler C

For the month of January, we will be focusing on your child's gross motor skills. Gross motor skills involve the use of large muscles such as arms, legs, and torsos. Gross motor skills are vital to children reaching developmentally appropriate milestones such as sitting up, crawling, walking, running, and so much more. Gross motor skills, however, also require gross motor planning. Gross motor planning is a cognitive skill which is the ability to think of a motion and then carry out the motion physically. For instance, a child may possess enough muscle strength and tone to walk but may lack the ability to be able to place one foot after another to act out the motion of walking. We will be discovering and exploring with the ways our bodies move and different movements our bodies can perform. We will be jumping, bending, twirling, stretching, climbing, and other fun active movements to enhance the children's gross motor skills. I plan on incorporating many fun activities to enhance your child's gross motor skills during the month such as dance movements and yoga. This month will be full of activities, and I cannot wait to JUMP on into January!

Ms. Amanda and Ms. Lindsey


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