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Ms Becca's Class - Early Preschool

Hello, Early Preschool Families!

My name is Ms. Becca! Over the past several months, I have been assisting EPS in the afternoons, and I have loved getting to know all your wonderful children! I’m looking forward to getting to know your children and families even more as I step into the new Master Teacher position. My early childhood education experience involves over 10 years of working with young children, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences. I’m very excited to come alongside this class as we dive into learning together!

Last month the EPS classroom learned all about emotions. One goal was to regularly check in with our emotional state during various activities, as well as increasing our emotional vocabulary. Modeling social-emotional speech is a great way to increase children’s ability to communicate their feelings. Being more in control of their emotional states begins with being able to identify and tell someone how they are feeling. When they are sad, they might request a hug or a “calm down” break. When they are mad, they might need a safe space to stomp their feet. Teaching appropriate ways to express emotions helps kids feel safe and in control as they navigate difficult feelings. As children practice these skills, they will be even more prepared for the days ahead interacting with others in school.

For the month of May we have been exploring the concept of weather. The recent rainy days have been a great example of the various changes in climate we experience. We have enjoyed reading books about rain and discussing how the wind blows all around us. Our outdoor experiences have been a great opportunity to further explore sensory play through stomping around in the mud! We will continue to investigate these Earth Science concepts as we enjoy this rainy Oklahoma spring.

Next month we will continue our science journey as we explore our interest in birds and other flying animals. We have observed many feathered creatures flying near our outdoor spaces, and the children have shown a great curiosity in them. We will encourage learning by asking questions about different types of birds and the habitats they live in.

The warmer spring weather is also a great opportunity to get outside as a family! Exploring local nature together can further develop your child’s curiosity about the world around them. I wish you all happy exploring!


Ms. Becca

“Every child needs a parent, grandparent or friend who will say, “Let’s go! It’s time for an adventure!” ~Penny Whitehouse


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