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Ms Debra's Class - Toddler 2

Greetings to all our families!

Will April showers bring May flowers? We planted seeds and plants in hanging pots so we will see as we watch for them to grow. In April we learned about social studies as we shared a book about manners, talked about and showed ways to interact with others, and did art projects with friends. We also learned about gardening. We used child-sized garden tools, learning their names and uses, we learned about different plants and parts of plants, and talked about gardens and what we can grow in them.

In May we are going to learn about water and build physical development, spending lots of time learning about ways to move our bodies and practicing the movements including doing flips with the teachers help outside, spinning, and stretching. Did you know that activities such as spinning and flipping help develop the vestibular system which involves the inner ear and our body’s ability to know where it is in space? Spinning in circles is one of the best activities to help children gain a good sense of body awareness.

On Friday, May 28th, the kids will need to have clothes that they can get messy as we will be making a messy art project. We will be getting a canvas drop cloth which we will place outside with paints for the kids to paint with any or all of their bodies such as rolling, stomping, flipping, or spinning on it, allowing them to use the skills we will be practicing in a new and exciting way.

Miss Debra

Miss Angela


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