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Ms Gabby's Class - Early Preschool

Dear Early Preschool Parents,

My name is Gabrielle Catron, and I am excited to introduce myself as your child’s EPS Master Teacher. I have been in child care for over 8 years in many different roles. I am the oldest of 5 siblings and take pride in being a large part of their raising. I am also a mother to a wonderful 2 year old girl. I have earned my CDA through this wonderful organization and plan to use everything I learned to encourage your child’s development. I am excited to facilitate a relationship with you all.

The most important part of development in my opinion is social emotional safety. When a child feels safe, he or she can really thrive at their best. When a child feels safe being himself or herself, learning is at its highest potential. I hope to encourage and strengthen that bond with your children. I also hope to create a strong sense of self in your child to transition with them all through their lives.

This month we are going to be learning about “How Things Grow”. We will be learning about a plant’s life cycle from seed to full plant by planting our own tomatoes and zucchini. We will also be doing many fun collages with paper, leaves, grass, and other materials. I also hope to teach them responsibility in watering their own individual plant as they watch their seed grow. I believe teaching responsibility and patience is very important at this age where exploration is so high. Plants can teach us many things about our food, such as where our food comes from, how to grow our own food, and how to nourish our bodies and minds with healthy foods. Gardening also teaches children life skills such as responsibility and patience as mentioned above, but it also can facilitate respect and environmental awareness.

We will also be celebrating July 4th soon and have a very fun week planned with paint, ice cream, and lemonade. The children will be making their own lemonade from scratch, and we will have a homemade ice cream party as well. I look forward to this month and sincerely hope that if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. The best way to reach myself or my amazing assistant Virginia is to email or call.

Let’s have a great month!

Ms. Gabby & Ms. Virginia


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