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Ms Josy's Class - Infants

Hello, Infant Class Families!

Yay, yay, it’s time for MAY!

This month we are welcoming new friends to the classroom. This means lots of transitioning. Transitions can bring on different emotions from being over-stimulated and not knowing what we want, to being sad, mad, or happy.

Here are some activities I have planned for our class to help ease us through a month of transitions that you could also try at home:

1. Lots of one-on-one time for hugs, reading, and singing lullabies.

2. Small group time with back and forth play such as rolling a ball to each other with you present.

3. Baby doll interactive activities: This is a simple activity that is all about holding a baby doll (one for you and one for your baby) and singing a narrative song such as “My baby’s on my lap. My baby’s on my lap. This is my baby. My baby’s on my lap”. Another fun interactive song involves you narrating in song about your baby and something/someone that is new to your home. “Our new cat likes to eat food. (Baby’s name) likes to eat food. High-ho the Dario, we all like to eat food.” This tune follows me everywhere I go and any word fits in for any activity/change.

These small group activities help your baby feel that reassurance of love and that they’re not forgotten. It’s easy for us adults to feel that way when someone or something new is in our home or workplace. Babies do not know how to process this, so it is up to us to help them and comfort them through transitions.

We are going to be doing more water activities outside as the temperature warms up. Please bring two more changes of “play clothes” or a bathing suit for your baby.

Thank you for everything you do as parents and working patiently with us; we greatly appreciate you. Please feel free to share a piece of home with your baby while at school such as some pictures.

Mrs. Josy

Infant Class


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