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Ms Sehoy's Class - Toddler A



Toddler: 16-36 months The toddler may: Explore relationships and the environment independently and with purpose.


Toddler: 16-36 months The toddler may: Begin to develop an understanding of numbers, the counting process, and making comparisons (measurement).

Hello, Parents!

My name is Sehoy Sewell, and I am an Assistant Teacher. I will be taking over in your children’s class. The children know me well because I trained in the class with Ms. Chyanne before she left. I look forward to meeting everyone.

For the month of October, we will explore nature as it begins to change. We will go over the new colors in our outside environment as the season changes. We will paint with the new colors we see with our feet, hands, elbows, and knees. Why? Because we can! Letting our children be who they are helps them learn, and they get to experience that being messy is okay. We will also learn to verbally count using our fine motor skills and objects. Doing this will challenge their brains, so I challenge you guys at home to help us here and work on it, also.

Thank you,

Ms. Sehoy and Ms. Lindsey


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