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Start Safe: Fire Program

The Start Safe: Fire program was designed to make it easy for fire service professionals to work with preschool teachers to share important fire and burn safety lessons with young children. You can use Start Safe: Fire in any childcare, preschool, or other program serving children ages 3-6. We offer free videos and other materials that are tailored to preschool teachers and fire and life safety professionals and will help you learn how to implement and evaluate the Start Safe: Fire program.

The Start Safe: Fire videos, games and other materials for children relate to the theme “I Spot Something Hot!” and feature Rover the Home Safety Hound, Freddie Flashlight, and adorable puppies Wiggle and Giggle. The characters reinforce key messages about fire safety in a fun and engaging way. These materials are easy to reproduce, and many are available in English and Spanish.

The most successful Start Safe: Fire programs involve teachers and firefighters working together to educate families. We know that fire service personnel will also want to reach out to parents and caregivers through home visits, or perhaps by hosting special fire safety classes.

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