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The Director's Cut!

Some of life’s most important lessons are learned through reflection. We have had quite a year to reflect on! Despite the obvious challenges we have faced, we have encountered a lot of GOOD here at Ivy Academy Owasso/Sperry. As we reflect on the past year, we specifically acknowledge relationships we have created with you and your children. We officially opened our doors in March, just days before the pandemic began, and we hit the ground running! We have had the privilege of caring for your children during a time when fear of the unknown could have easily gotten the best of us. We've seen your child take her first steps; we’ve read your son his favorite book; we’ve put a Band-Aid on your preschooler’s scraped knee; we’ve chased your big kids around the playground; and we’ve danced to your toddler’s favorite song close to 500 times. We’ve held your son when he was missing his dad, and we save that special doll for your daughter because we know it’s her favorite. We’ve taken “field trips” across the fence to explore the grass, dirt, and trees while your children lived in their bathing suits during outdoor play for almost 6 months. We’ve had some of the most reputable clinicians in our building helping to ensure your child is reaching all of those important developmental milestones. We’ve requested your trust as you drop your child off at the front doors, unable to walk them to their classroom yourselves.

This year has not been easy; in fact, it has been down right challenging at times. For every challenge we faced, we created an opportunity for growth. For every change we encountered, we slowly started to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. We’ve learned to become more intentional. We are hopeful that no matter what 2021 brings, one thing remains constant: we continue to be committed and focused as an organization to providing the best quality care to your children every day.

Happy New Year!

Family Services Coordinator: Randa Jones


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