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Ms Jessie’s Class - Preschool

On Monday, October 16th, we will take our field trip to Heritage Farms. Parent volunteers are welcome to sign up, and more volunteers would be appreciated!

October 31st, we will have a Halloween Party after going Trick or Treat at the Delaware Tribal Headquarters. It will be a very fun day! A Sign-Up Sheet will be available to supply us with non-sugary snacks, such as meat, cheese, crackers, etc. Our party will take place at 3:00 pm.

We have re-stocked the art center to include more activities and things to cut. Children now have access to scissors.

This month’s class picture shows the children on a nature walk that we took October 2nd. They each had a bag to use for collecting rocks, leaves, flowers, and grass. Two children found bird feathers, and each child painted his or her rock in the classroom!

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