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Toddler Class Updates

Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler A

We are all growing up so fast! Parents, you may see lots of movement in our classroom. We have some new toys and equipment to help the students develop motor skills. We need your support in encouraging movement skills at home, too. Go for a walk with your child on the weekends! Movement is great; it builds the brain and the body. New skills in coordination are valuable tools for each child to navigate the world around them. On our playscape, we go up and down the hill to practice speed, force, and perseverance. After our hard work inside and out, we sit down to enjoy our new fall menu. The menu is posted in the family corner, just as you walk inside the door. Take a look at ou​​r selections; your family might be curious for new ideas at dinner time.

Ms Sarah's Class - Toddler B

Next week we are beginning to learn more about trucks. Our kiddos have shown a great new interest in trucks, both big and small, in our classroom. We are going to start by looking at all the different kinds of trucks, big and small, long and short, etc. We will be exploring with trucks both indoors and outdoors, using them to paint, driving them through playdough, looking for things to put in the trucks, and much more! If you have any toy trucks of any shape or size that you would be willing to let our kids use during our time of exploring trucks, that would be greatly appreciated!

Looking back at potty training, all the children are doing great! We currently have almost all of our children fully potty trained. We are still, however, reminding the children to go potty about every hour or so here at school. If you feel your child is having some issues with going potty at home, you may need to add in that reminder, too. Setting a timer on your phone or the microwave is a great way to help you remember to remind your child! Please let us know if you have any question or concerns about your child’s potty training progress, or anything in general!

Ms Haley's Class - Toddler C

November is an exciting time of the year! With it comes vanilla and cinnamon scents, more pumpkins (mostly in pie form), and beautiful but colder weather. The Toddler C class plans on taking advantage of all these things. We will continue learning some fall colors and how to spell them! We will be adding some yummy smells to our sensory for an even more enriched activity. Plans are in the making for what types of pumpkin flavored snacks we will be making as well! We will also continue with our outdoor exploration, specifically on all the changes that are happening.

Speaking of which, as the weather gets colder, make sure to switch out your children’s summer clothes for winter clothes (this includes shoes)! Jackets will be needed as we do not always have access to extra jackets. Also, if you have not already done so, please fill out your Enrollment paperwork along with the Food Program paperwork and give them to Elizabeth at the front desk. This is needed since we have updated our software.

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