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Ms Elizabeth's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, EPS2 Families!

Here we go with a brand new month, and with it comes brand new opportunities to explore and grow for your little ones! For the month of March, our class will be studying Water. The children will learn what does water do, and why do we need it. Each week there will be a focus question asked to the class to open up a discussion about what we will be learning for that week. Some examples of our focus questions are: Where can we find water? What happens to water when it changes temperature? What happens when we put things in water?

Other new learning experiences that are being introduced to the class is singing the alphabet in sign language, learning the days of the week, and counting to ten in Spanish. Parent and teacher conferences will be held this month, so please look to the kidsreport app for updates.

Also, please keep in mind daylight savings will take place this month on March 11 - it will be time to spring forward your clocks!

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