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Celebrating "Week of the Young Child" at Bright Beginnings!

In the third week of April, we will be celebrating the "Week of the Young Child"! Our assistant teachers have planned some exciting activities. Listed below are the daily themes. A good time to stop in and play with us is between 3:45pm and 5:45pm when the activities will generally occur.

MONDAY, April 16

Music Monday!

Teachers will host a live concert with instruments for the children. We will also have a music and movement patio party.

TUESDAY, April 17

Tasty Tuesday!

We will be making our own spin on cookie dough, shaping and cutting our own designs. We also will slice and try different cheeses with our friends.


Working Together Wednesday!

We are having a box network event. Children will construct and connect boxes to crawl in and around in large groups.

THURSDAY, April 19

Artsy Thursday!

The children will participate in Creation Stations. The stations will feature paints in various forms (creams, liquids, gels), and each child can create their own masterpiece!

FRIDAY, April 20

Family Friday!

Our Family Services Team will be hosting time to dig in the garden. We will have story time about seeds and how things grow in the sun. In celebration of Earth Day and a finale to Week of the Young Child, we want you to come play in the dirt with us!

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