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Ms Teresa & Ms Jenny's Class - Toddler A

Hello Parents!

Thanks to all who were able to attend the Family Cook Out! It was a joy to see you there interacting with your children and their teachers.

In TA class, we will continue to show off our Mother’s and Father's Day pictures with your children, keeping with the "Face to Face" song by Laurie Berkner. The pictures being around the room have been very soothing to your children. It is almost as if they can interact with you throughout the day. For instance, one of our children loves to take mommy to naptime with her on occasions. It also has caused the children to interact using their words about whose mommy is who.

During the month of June, your children have become more verbally social and interactive. We will also keep our rainbows up a little longer, and we will add colors to their cubbies. It is already the talk of the classroom!

This month's themes will be: Week 1 is "Star Bright Star Light"; Week 2 is "Bugging Out"; Week 3 is "Take it Outside" (picnic); and Week 4 is "Camping Out". Your children will paint with stars, learn a couple of star songs, and paint with the colors red, white, and blue. They will explore nature while bugging out, have a picnic outside with their peers, and sleep with one eye open just in case a bear shows up!

And as usual, you all are welcome to come share a story or visit the class between the times of 9:45-11:00.

Ms. Teresa & Mrs. Jenny

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