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Family Child Care Home - Owasso

Hello, Parents!

This is our very first newsletter for our Family Child Care Home-Owasso, and we are so excited!! We have many pictures and experiences to share!!

First and formost, we enjoy having your children here! We are able to have fun while teaching and learning. Our main focus for infants is physical development and social emotional. Infants tend to do a lot of sleeping and eating, but we do work with trying to gain muscle control with fine or gross motor activities. We spend time holding them frequently so that we are able to bond with your child. Once the children are able to sit up on their own, we work more with creative expression, cognitive development, and communication skills. This will range anywhere from art, puzzles, and sign language.

Our personal philosophy is learning through play. We will create our lesson plans around the interests of the children to keep them entertained and focused. These little bodies are not able to sit still to learn; they need to be able to get around to explore their surroundings and we want to encourage that learning. The weather has been a little crazy lately, but when the weather feels amazing, we will be spending most of the day outside. We will continue to learn by moving all of our activities outdoors.

Thank you for all the support that we receive!

Ms Elizabeth and Ms Summer

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