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Ms Amanda Jones—Family Child Care Home 1 Bartlesville

The month of October was a busy month! As the season and weather outside change, we have also had some changes here at our center. Ms Renae has moved up to a Master Teacher position at our new DCDC West location. We miss her so much, but we are very happy that she has the opportunity to touch the lives of more children in our community. We have enjoyed getting to know Ms Susan, and we are so happy she has joined us here at our Family Child Care Home. We also had to say goodbye to some friends, but we are excited to have two new friends join us.

Before all the weather changes occurred, we spent many of our days outside playing in the mud! We love getting messy! As the days got cooler we enjoyed lots of sensory activities inside, including Oobleck (made from cornstarch and water), homemade playdough, and homemade moon sand (mixed flour and baby oil). We even got to open up a pumpkin and play with the goo inside!

We love getting messy, and we love playing outside, so please remember to always have extra clothes at the home, and a jacket and shoes as well. It’s also a good idea to double check and make sure the extra clothes we have here are weather appropriate!

The month of November will keep us just as busy as we will be doing lots of activities with leaves, apples, pumpkins, acorns, and pine cones. We are even going to go on a fall scavenger hunt! We are excited to see what this month brings for us!

Thank you so much for the opportunity for your children to be with us every day. We truly do love each and every one of them!

Ms Amanda

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